Carthage Pro

Carthage Pro JCC 2020 Since its creation, Carthage Pro has been working on through Chabaka and Takmil workshops ‎to support, respectively, projects in development and post production. ‎
Thanks to our partners who, once again, responded present, this year we have the pleasure to ‎maintain our professional workshops that will be held from 16 to 18 December.‎
Part of Carthage pro professional platform, these two flagship workshops have continued to ‎evolve. Indeed and since its creation in 2014, Takmil has supported no less than 44 projects in ‎the post production phase. As for Chabaka, the competitive workshop starting from 2018 has ‎supported 9 projects in development.‎
Selected films in both workshops have had an international career, in festivals or in similar ‎professional platforms.‎
African and Arab projects leaders have benefited from film industry professionals’ expertise, ‎as well as enjoyed the experience of exchange and debate.‎ These two workshops have become complementary. In other words; Carthage Pro is ‎positioned as the platform that supports filmmakers from the first stage of creation to its final ‎touch.‎
In this very difficult year for all artists of all stripes, it is important to make sure that ‎filmmakers continue to make us dream.‎
Despite the pandemic, Carthage Film Festival is resisting and maintaining Carthage Pro, with ‎more adapted version to sanitary conditions.‎
Being faithful to its guideline, Carthage Film Festival, explorer of talents, has decided to ‎support the first and second directors’ works.‎ We are delighted to welcome all of our film industry talents and professionals to this ‎exceptional edition.‎

Long Live Carthage film Festival... Long Live Carthage Pro... Long Live Cinema...