Sébastien Onomo is a French film producer, graduated from the Superior School of Audiovisual and Media at INA. He met producer Serge Lalou (Les Films d´ici) during his studies and joined him in 2010 after an experience in Belgium in the company Entre Chien et Loup (Diana Elbaum and Sébastien Delloye). In 2015, he created Special Touch Studios, of which he is Chairman and today the majority shareholder. Since 2017, he has chaired, with Aïssa Maïga, the Francophone Group of Unifrance, and was elected in 2019, member of the Bureau of the producers’ union, SPI at the Animation College. To date, Sébastien Onomo has produced around twenty films (cinema and television combined) including Le Gang des Antillais (2016) by Jean-Claude Barny, Bois d’Ebène by Moussa Touré, and more recently Funan by Denis Do (Cristal du Best film at the Annecy International Festival in 2018).



Award winner of the 52nd International Woman Film Festival of Florence (PERSONA) for her documentary “Militantes”, 2015, Sonia also won the Best International featuring film at the International Film and Audiovisual Festival (Burundi 2016) and the International Festival of Lakes and Lagoons Films (Ivory Coast 2018) for “Narcisse”. Sonia Chamkhi is a director, a scriptwriter, and a writer. Her novels and essays. She received many prices in Tunisia and on the continent.



An Egyptian script consultant and film producer, Ayman El Amir has worked as a script consultant for many programs, labs and institutes including TorinoFilmLab, Doha Film Institute, The Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Full Circle Lab and The Royal Film Commission of Jordan. In 2016, he established his production company, Felucca Films in Egypt, which focuses on fresh and new talents and contemporary social issues. The same year, he implemented MAHD Film Lab, a Cairo-based script development program. As a producer, his short fiction Fakh, was selected for the Critics’week official competition at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and his feature documentary HAPPILY Happily Ever After, premiered at IDFA 2016.