JCC: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Les JCC : Hier, aujourd’hui et demain Forum les JCC : Hier, aujourd’hui et demain

Yes, the JCC will take place despite the exceptional times we are experiencing. Passion, commitment, and the will to move forward is what drives us.

The festival will indeed be there, and will continue to keep cinema alive.

But why this persistent determination despite the critical situation? It is to revisit the memory of the Festival, to evaluate its audience both locally and abroad, to think about its future, to reinvent the means so it remains shining, to schedule the best movies from the previous sessions, to dust off whole sections of the critical production dedicated to it. A whole program that gives a sense and legitimizes this initiative.

It is around these objectives that the JCC Steering Committee has been working to transform the actual situation into a new beginning, thus giving this session a special, exceptional aspect where the retrospective approach will pave the way for a forward-looking approach. In other words, to show that looking back on the past, leads to unlocking the potential of the future.

Within this framework, thinking, examining, conceiving, and considering will be the cornerstone of the program of this session. And this will be in a colloquy that will be clearly far from the classic modalities of such meetings. This means that the colloquy will take the form of a forum with a content and objectives that will emanate from all those who feel concerned and involved by the vocation of the JCC and their future (professionals, critics, moviegoers, jurists, economists, etc.) And it is precisely the result or the fruit of these reflections that will constitute

In this sense, professionals of cinema or their representatives, critics, experts in law and in finance, representatives of the JCC partner associations and structures are all invited to take part in the following sector panels, each according to their professional interest, status or related expertise.