JCC in the penitentiary institutions

JCC dans les prisons Since its inauguration in 2015, embedded in a partnership between the ministry of culture, the ministry of justice, the directorate general of prisons and rehabilitation and the World Organisation Against Torture, JCC in the Penitentiary institutions have always shed light on dark chambers of prisons.

It’s also an opportunity for filmmakers, eternal researchers of the sense of life, to pursue their dreams in these spots full of desperation and the best manifestation to establish the prisoners right to culture access.

It’s a change that encouraged the enlargement of the amount of the freedom of expression in the prisons. Since we’re counting the presence of over 8000 detainees who have participated in the screening of several films and debates with different actors of the cinematographic field.

We continue this tradition in order to maintain the noblest of arts, the art of life on this earth, because cinema that have always been a synonym of possible and impossible, meaning and absurdity, reality and imagination, is the best way to enhance the detainee’s rehabilitation and their social reintegration.

During these exceptional circumstances in such an exceptional edition that will be marked by the establishment of cinematographic narration workshops and debates led by film professionals and structured around films that marked the last editions of Carthage Film Festival, with the presence of over 12000 detainees over 5 Penitentiary institutions in Oudhna, Seliana, Sidi Bouzid, Sfax and Borj El Amri, all we can wish for is the generalisation of this integrative experience in all the penitentiary institutions of the country.

Coordinateur JCC dans les prisons
Chahine Berriche