Themes suggested for the one-day seminar.

  • What is the current situation of the present platforms around the world?
  • Do these platforms allow the popularization of the access to movies that a wider audience could enjoy?
  • Are these platforms an opportunity or a threat for the film industry?
  • Do these platforms promote North / South exchanges?
  • The place of the Tunisian film industry within the emergence of these platforms.
  • The place of ARTIFY as being the only Tunisian platform in the international SVOD market.
  • What is the legal and financial framework of these platforms?

The forum’s pitch: the platforms

In this day and age, the panoply of audiovisual mediums, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, leads to a steady decline in movie theaters attendance.

Within this proliferation of connected displays, streaming is recognized as one of the most preferred patterns of consumption of audiovisual and cinematographic content. Indeed, according to the American firm Digital Tv Research, the number of subscribers to on-demand streaming platforms will quadruple by the year 2025, and this only in the African continent, not to mention the others.

A vast number of SVOD platforms are already available, whether through subscriptions such as for Netflix, Salto, Prime video, Disney + or through video sharing such as for YouTube, Dailymotion and even Instagram, which is becoming a video sharing application according to its CEO, or through replay platforms like My canal and M6 replay.

These platforms have turned the film industry upside down, and it particularly affected the links cinema / cinephile, cinema / production, or even cinema / distribution. They are honored by the best distinctions in the field, (35 nominations for projects that have been produced by Netflix during the 2021 Oscars), but also banned by the most prestigious film events of the year such as Cannes Festival which prohibits films produced by this type of platforms to compete for the Palme d’Or.

This one-day seminar presented as part of the CFF will cover different issues related to these platforms and their various offers, their modes of operation, the associated opportunities , the South/North relationship and the legal and financial framework.

Noomen JEMAA
Head of the Forum section