JCC in the regions

				JCC in the regions

During this session, the Festival will visit four new cities :El Fahs, Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, Sousse and Djerba, in order to continue its tireless effort to promote Cinema in villages and towns far from the capital. These secluded places aspire to establish their own festivals and will now have the opportunity to experience this world by attending the organization of the largest national film festival in their neighborhoods.

Our festival considers that one of its duties towards cinema spectators is to contribute to the realization of their big dreams by organizing high-level events of regional and international scope stemming from the particularities of each region. According to our experience, each village and each city has its own particularity which could be the springboard for a sustainable and lasting film festival, and which would be a real incubator of local talents. These are real seeds that the Festival sows everywhere in Tunisia, in the capital as elsewhere, seeds that the Festival protects, supervises, closely monitors and helps until independent, sustainable and stable cells are born in each region.

Sousse: from 1 to 4 November
Auditorium of the Cultural Center in Sousse

Fahs: from 2 to 5 November
Concert hall of the Cultural Center in Fahs

Sidi Ali Ben Oun: from 11 to 14 November
Concert hall of the Cultural Center in Sidi Ali Ben Oun

Djerba: from 9 to 12 November
Concert Hall of the Mediterranean Center for Associative Ressources in Houmet Souk