A home for Buster Keaton : Feature Documentary (France)

A home for Buster Keaton

Country: France
Type: Feature Documentary
Director: Lamine AMMAR-KHODJA
Producer: Rebecca Houzel
Production company: Petit à Petit Production
Language: French
Duration of the submitted copy: 90 min
Works needed to finish the film: Image and sound editing, color correction , grading , mixing, output
Funds received: 90 662 €
Total budget of the film: 175 662 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 85 000 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: March 2022
Contact: info@petitapetitproduction.com

After receiving a mysterious letter from which he is the sender, a man - who drags alone in a park on the outskirts of Paris - is urged to reconstruct his journey between Algiers and Paris. There follows a kaleidoscopic self-portrait between dreamed life and lived one, reflection on representation, cinema, exile, immigration, the relationship between Algeria and France, duplication and the passage of time.


Statement of intent :
The experience of a child leaving a southern country to live in the north. The idea that Algeria and France were one country that broke apart. The fact that through my emigration, I no longer really have a home except that of the cinema. It is a new way of making cinema through its link with writing.


A home for Buster Keaton

Lamine AMMAR-KHODJA (Director )
Lamine Ammar-Khodja was born and raised in El Biar, Algeria. He arrived in France at the age of 19 to study computer engineering and then document production in Lussas. After getting his master’s degree, he directed short films and then feature films screened in international festivals. At 35, Lamine was finishing his fourth feature-length documentary titled “A House for Buster Keaton”.

Rebecca Houzel (Producer)
Since 2006, Rebbeca Houzel, a french producer, has accompanied several authors, young and more experienced ones.At the heart of her production choices, the need that she perceives among filmmakers for proposals for films that will shift the gaze to questions and territories.

 Rebecca Houzel

The cemetery of cinema : Feature Documentary (France - Senegal)

The cemetery of cinema

Country: France - Senegal
Type: Feature Documentary
Director: Thierno Souleymane Diallo
Producer: Martin Maud, Jean-Pierre Lagrange, Marie-Louise Sarr
Production company: L'image d'après, JPL productions, Lagune productions
Language: Français, Sousou, Poular, Malinké
Estimated duration of the film: 90 min
Works needed to finish the film: Fin de montage Musique Montage son Mixage Étalonnage Sous-titrage
Funds received: 167 633 €
Total budget of the film: 415 015 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 143 000 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: Mai 2022
Contact: maud-martin@limagedapres.org

Mamlo travels around Guinea in search of «Mouramani», the first film shot in 1953, by a black francophone African man . During this quest he discovers what cinema was like in his country and what it has become. Confronting his camera with History, he searches back in France for a copy of this missing film.


Statement of intent :
Through the quest for Guinean cinema, this film also traces the history of Guinea. In a world where the war of images is perhaps even more immediate than the nuclear war, our imagination is invaded by American, Indian, Chinese productions ... We must produce our own images to not undergo those of others .


The cemetery of cinema

Thierno Souleymane Diallo (Director )
Thierno Souleymane Diallo is a genian. He pursued his studies at ISAG of Dubreka. In 2012, he went to Nigeria to pursue documentary cinema then he passed his diploma in Senegal. During his studies he makes several short movies. In 2015, he directed his first documentary, “ A man for my family”. He also works for the genian public television.

Martin Maud, Jean-Pierre Lagrange, Marie-Louise Sarr (Producer)
Maud MARTIN founded the company L’Image Après in 2008 in Tours, France. She has now produced around fifteen films (documentaries, animated short films, essays) and is currently developing numerous projects. Her work within the collective of producers of L’Image Après is based on the desire to defend an inventive cinema and directors who design each of their films as a new space for research and experimentation.

Martin Maud,  Jean-Pierre Lagrange, Marie-Louise Sarr

Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous : Feature Narrative (France / Lebanon / Italy)

Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous

Country: France / Lebanon / Italy
Type: Feature Narrative
Director: Wissam Charaf
Producer: Charlotte Vincent
Production company: Aurora Films, Né à Beyrouth Films (Liban), Intramovies (Italie)
Country of production: Aurora Films, Né à Beyrouth Films (Liban), Intramovies (Italie)
Language: Arabic / Amharic / English
Estimated duration of the film: 90 min
Works needed to finish the film: Entire post-prod : Editing/Sound-mix/ Music Post-synch / color correction , grading / Subtitles /Credits
Funds received: Francophonie, Doha Film Institute, Media Development Fund, Région Corse, JHR Films (distribution France), Mad Solutions / Intramovies (ventes internationales), MIBACT, Fonds d’urgence Liban du CNC
Total budget of the film: 599 939 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 61 205 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: March 2022
Contact: laurane@aurorafilms.fr

Beirut. The love story between Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, and Mehdia, an Ethiopian domestic, seems impossible… Will this couple of “sentimental refugees” be able to find the way to freedom whereas Ahmed, a war survivor, is altered by a mysterious illness that slowly turns his body into metal?


Statement of intent :
In today’s Lebanon, two outcasts of the society come together to live an impossible love story. A melodrama where cruelty, tenderness and a touch of irony imbricate in a creative way. Even though I’m inspiring myself from a cruel reality, I don’t want my work to be about pathos and misery. I want to create a light offset. A shift toward the tale …


Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous

Wissam Charaf (Director )
Born in Beirut in 1973, Wissam Charaf is a director and journalist (including for ARTE). He directed five short films whose last one, “Unforgettable memory of a friend” (2018), has been awarded in Pantin, Clermont-Ferrand, Rhode Island. His feature film “Heaven sent” was selected in ACID, Cannes 2016. Wissam is currently in post-production of the dramatic feature “Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous”.

Charlotte Vincent (Producer)
Charlotte Vincent created Aurora Films in 2002. Among her most recent films: “Diamond Island” by Davy Chou (SACD award – Critic’s Week, Cannes 2016), “If it were love” by Patric Chiha (Panorama, Berlin 2019), “Little Solange” by Axelle Ropert (Locarno 2021). She’s currently producing Blandine Lenoir, Wissam Charaf, Patric Chiha, Davy Chou’s films.

Charlotte Vincent

Soute à bombes : Feature Documentary (Madagascar / France - Reunion / Germany / Burkina Faso)

Soute à bombes

Country: Madagascar / France - Reunion / Germany / Burkina Faso
Type: Feature Documentary
Director: Nantenaina Lova
Producer: Eva Lova
Production company: Endemika Films (Madagascar), Papang Films (La Réunion - France), Niko Film (Allemagne), Diam Production (Burkina Faso)
Country of production: Madagascar
Duration of the submitted copy: 110 min
Works needed to finish the film: Voix des marionnettes en Français et en Anglais par des comédiens, Montage, Traduction et sous-titrage (FR et ENG), Mixage, Étalonnage
Funds received: 235 250 € obtenus ou promis (dont 208 050 € en numéraire, soit 74%)
Total budget of the film: 282 700 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 47 450 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: October / November 2022
Contact: eva.lova@endemikafilms.com

This is the story of Ly, a farmer from Antananarivo with a heart a little too pure to live on a land envied by Republican Presidents, high ranking military officers and speculators of all kinds. His daughter, his farmer association in struggle, permaculture lovers and famous artists will support him.


Statement of intent :
Bomb Bay is an advocacy in favor of the farming community and organic farming. Farmers are found in danger because of land grabbing in favour of speculation and acculturation. I want this movie to be watched as a fiction which tells four intrinsically linked stories including that of the preparation and performance of a puppet show.


Soute à bombes

Nantenaina Lova (Director )
Director, coauthor, cinematographer, editor and co producer. He grew up in Antananarivo in a modest family. After his studies in Toulouse School of Cinema (France), he created in 2007 in Antananarivo, Endemika Films. « Once upon an island », doc, 57 min, 202 « Aza Kivy, Morning star », doc, 77 min, 2020. Feature film competition in IDFA (Amsterdam) « Zanaka », doc, 29 min, 2019. Silver colt of short films at FESPACO « Ady gasy »,doc, 84 min, 2014. Theater release

Eva Lova (Producer)
Co-author and major producer of Nantenaina Lova’s movies. Following her first trip to Madagascar and her meeting with Nantenaina Lova in 1997, she obtained a master in Production Documentary Creation in France in 2013. She manages Endemika Films (Madagascar) and the production-distribution company, registered with the French CNC, Papang Films (La Réunion).

 Eva Lova

False Drama : Feature Narrative (Morocco)

False Drama

Country: Morocco
Type: Feature Narrative
Director: Hicham Lasri
Production company: Outsiders
Language: Arabic
Estimated duration of the film: 110 min
Works needed to finish the film: Voix-off / sound design / Animation 2D et 3D / L'étalonnage / Sous-titrage voice-over / sound design / 2D and 3D animation / Color grading / Subtitling
Total budget of the film: 200 000 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 50 000 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: March 2022
Contact: ash.lasri42@gmail.com

A disastrous day in the life of Khadija, a young woman from Casablanca that revolted against society. She asks herself questions about her future and her becoming. This day, which has to be marked with a black stone, will redefine her destiny between nightmares and hallucinations in this post-apocalyptic Casablanca.


Statement of intent :
I have always dreamed of making a Western Spaghetti with a female character in the alternative part of Casablanca. It’s done and in addition it is a tribute to the Arab, Moroccan, Casablancan woman in the most poetic , wild way and with more meta without victimizing or sexualizing her .


False Drama

Hicham Lasri (Director )
Hicham Lasri, artist based in Casablanca, Morocco. Author, novelist, director and producer. After law and economy studies, he chooses the abstraction of cinematic language and dives in writing. He directs several short movies, developing a personal approach marked in the Casablanca society. <br /><br /> His six films The End (2012), They Are The Dogs (2013), The Sea is Behind (2015), Starve Your Dog (2016), Headbang Lullaby (2017) and Jahilya (2018) knew an international career, selected in the most prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, TIFF. Through his production company Outsiders he autoproduce his last film Haysh Maysh : False Drama in post production.


The Evening Tree : Feature Narrative (Tunisia)

 The Evening Tree

Country: Tunisia
Type: Feature Narrative
Director: Adel Bakri
Producer: At Madera Productions
Production company: AT MADERA PRODUCTIONS
Language: Arabic / Italian
Estimated duration of the film: 120 min
Works needed to finish the film: 1 semaine de tournage en Tunisie, 2 semaines de tournage en Italie et la post production en Italie.
Funds received: 315 000 €
Total budget of the film: 450 000 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 70 000 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: 2022
Contact: adelbakri2004@yahoo.it / atmaderaproductions@gmail.com

The evening tree, locked in its roots and its branches, the events of a story based on emigration,a theme that has touched and still touches a large part of the world’s population. A story motivated by the choices of life and highlighted by a journey.. An unusual return.


Statement of intent :
An ancient universal phenomenon, immigration. Aicha, an Italian woman of Tunisian origin and her unusual journey back in search of a memory linked to a village, mentioned in her memories and never seen again .. Her own story will cross paths with others in her natal village


 The Evening Tree

Adel Bakri (Director )
Tunisian/Italian Filmmaker, Actor & Producer, Adel Bakri holds a Bachelor degree in Film Directing (Italy1996, Rome). He Also Hold a second Bachelor Degree in Theatrical Arts (Italy 1992- Rome). He has ten films to his credit, including one feature, 7 long documentaries and two short films.

At Madera Productions (Producer)
AT Madera Productions is a new company created specially to finish the production of the film The Evening Tree and it took all the independent films directed by Adel Bakri.

At Madera Productions

The color of phosphate : Feature Documentary (Tunisia)

The color of phosphate

Country: Tunisia
Type: Feature Documentary
Director: Ridha Tlili
Production company: Ayanken Production
Language: Arabic
Estimated duration of the film: 90 min
Works needed to finish the film: Mixage, Sound design, Music, Etalonnage, Sous titre
Funds received: 65 500 €
Total budget of the film: 80 000 €
Amount requested to complete the budget: 12 500 €
Estimated delivery date of film/: 2022
Contact: ayankenproduction@gmail.com

The city is covered in dust. People floating in a grey existence determined by the rhythms of the phosphate mine. In such a place, beauty is an act of resistance. Aid fights against marginalisation and degradation with theatre, flowers and a clown costume.


Statement of intent :
The phosphate colored the city grey, spread its smell everywhere and took people’s smiles away but it didn’t succeed in taking the dream of an employee who wants to change and color reality.


The color of phosphate

Ridha Tlili (Director )
Ridha Tlili studied directing and production in Tunisia, then participated in training workshops in Germany and Switzerland, and studied documentary cinema in Denmark, Danish Film School. He made four short films between fiction and experimental, and five creative documentary feature films that have participated in several festivals, such as Cinema Reality in Paris and the Leipzig Festival in Germany and won numerous awards.