JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017


Long live the JCC!

The Carthage Film Festival (JCC) has just celebrated its 50th anniversary.
The dean of African and Arab Film Festivals remains an essential platform for the promotion of the cinematography for which it was dedicated; African and Arab Cinema. Its militant inspiration was somewhat blunted in view of the overall disenchantment resulting from the minimalist policies of most African and Arab governments in the field of cinema. But the JCC remain a key asset in this battle, as it has been for decades. We just have to keep the faith.
And my faith is very strong!
What can I offer to a festival that has given us so much?
I believe that the first thing to do is to return to the fundamental objectives of the JCC, which are today more relevant than ever:

  • - The promotion of African and Arab films and cinematography, strengthening competitions, re-establishing the competition for documentary films, doubling the prizes, multiplying the focus on innovative experiences.
  • - Strengthening the networking of operators in the sector in order to be a real force of proposal.
  • - The organization of useful innovative debates for both the industry and film enthusiasts.

The JCC will also be a tri-continental festival, with an emphasis on the extremely vibrant cinemas of Asia and Latin America.
The objective is to show the golden public of the JCC and our guests, new cinematographic experiences in our regions, but also in countries that are so similar to us and that we barely know...
The 28th session of the JCC will be more focused, both in films and in screenings spaces, and it will be a celebration, the celebration of cinema.

Nejib Ayed
Director General of Festival

The Carthage Film Festival is nurtured by your passion.

A successful festival has two main elements, films and audiences. Carthage mixes both wonderfully.
The Carthage Film Festival has been successful for more than 50 years by securing a worldly unique asset: A FAITHFUL AUDIENCE.
For this curious and knowledgeable audience, the artistic committee has chosen films, guided by a single motto: defend creativity and a right for the public to access it. This year’s rich production has made the choices difficult.
The films of the 28th session reflect the dynamics of African and Arab cinema. Cinema with a new message, competitive in facing movies from others areas. It has distinguished itself by its outstanding artistic and technical quality. Cinema that is acknowledged by professionals, winning awards in the biggest festivals around the world.
Since its creation, the J.C.C, has been a platform to screen films that wouldn’t stand a chance to be seen elsewhere. Films that address movie buffs and demanding viewers.
Whether it originates from the Maghreb or the Near East, from Senegal, Zimbabwe or South Africa, the 2017 official selection is in synch with the philosophy of this elderly and prestigious festival: Selected films must carry a message.
This year, the JCC is also proud to focus on four guests of honor: Algeria, South Africa, Argentina and South Korea, in addition to films from Latin America and Asia and other parts of the world.
Feature films and documentaries, long and short films, regardless of their form and genre, the films are spot on, on hot and current issues. From immigration to inequality and integration, they carry a message of love, peace and tolerance.
Discuss, criticize, vote and animate this festival by your vivacity and your love for cinema.

Lamia Belkaied Guiga
General Delegate