Cabros de mierda

Cabros de mierda

Gonzalo JUSTINIANO - Chile


La Victoria, 1983. Gladys, 32, lives with his mother and daughter, also known as Gladys. They received a young American missionary, Samuel, 23 years old, who came to praise the word of God and the benefits of progress for this Third World country. With his camera, Samuel records the daily struggle of the population.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 93 min
Year of production : 2017
Country : Chile
Casting : Natalia Aragonese - Daniel Contesse - Elías Collado - Corina Posada de Gregorio - Luis Dubbó - Nicolás Rojas
Screenwriter : Gonzalo Justiniano
Cinematography : Miguel Littin Menz
Editor : Carolina Quevedo
Director : Gonzalo JUSTINIANO
Production company : Sahara Films


Director, screenwriter and producer. His first film, Hijos de la guerra fría won awards at the Berlin IFF and Habana FF, and made him from then on one of the most important directors of Chile.