Miroirs de Tunis

Miroirs de Tunis

Raul RUIZ - Chile


A dialogue between the poems of Abdelweheb Meddeb (Tunisian writer) and the Medina, the old district of Tunis where he grew up.

Film details

Gender : Documentary
Duration : 61 min
Year of production : 1993
Country : Chile
Screenwriter : Raúl Ruiz
Cinematography : Ali Yeganeh
Editor : Marie-Louise Derrien
Director : Raul RUIZ
Production company : France 3 - Anabase Productions - Canal Horizon


Raúl Ruiz directed many feature films from 1960 to 1994, but is revealed to the public with Three Lives and Only One Death, presented in competition at Cannes in 1996, Généalogies d'un crime, Silver Bear in Berlin in 1997.