Sous les soutanes

Sous les soutanes

Michel ZARAZIR - Lebanon


A group of nuns living happily in an isolated convent receive a visit from the Bishop one day. He comes to announce the closing of the convent ... but inadvertently puts his foot on a mine from the time of war! It’s the panic…

Film details

Duration : 19 min
Year of production : 2015
Country : Lebanon
Screenwriter : Michel Zarazir
Cinematography : Karim Ghorayeb
Editor : Michel Zarazir
Director : Michel ZARAZIR
Production company : Antoine Zarazir


Michel Zarazir studied cinema at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. After God Save the Queen, selected at Cinemed in 2013, he directed Il cinema non perdona (2014). Under the robes (2015) is his graduation film (Canal+Cinemed Award 2015).