Il était une fois Beyrouth, histoire d’une star

Il était une fois Beyrouth, histoire d’une star

Jocelyne SAAB - Lebanon


Yasmine and Leila, are looking for the memory of Beirut. They meet an old film buff, Farouk, who agrees to transport them to a virtual world of images, to the incredible encounter of a Beirut Series B charm between KGB agents, American spies and stars of a bygone era ....

Film details

Gender : Documentary
Duration : 101 min
Year of production : 1994
Country : Lebanon
Screenwriter : Roland-Pierre - Philippe Paringaux
Cinematography : Roby Breïdi
Editor : Dominique Auvray
Director : Jocelyne SAAB
Production company : Aleph Production Balcon Production Arte France

Jocelyne SAAB

Jocelyne began her career as a journalist. She then became a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist from Lebanon. Between 1974 and 2018, she directed about twenty documentaries and four feature films of fiction on her hometown, Beirut, torn apart by the war.