L'ombre de la ville

L'ombre de la ville

Jean Khalil CHAMOUN - Lebanon


Southern Lebanese family moves to Beirut in 1974 to escape Israeli bombing only to find themselves in the middle of the destruction of Beirut in the 80s. The second son, Rami, who dreams of becoming an artist, until his father is kidnapped and he joins the militia.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 100 min
Year of production : 2000
Country : Lebanon
Screenwriter : Jean Khalil Chamoun
Cinematography : Youcef Sahraoui
Editor : Eliane Du Bois Suzanne Baron
Director : Jean Khalil CHAMOUN
Production company : Nour Productions Ciné-Sud Promotion

Jean Khalil CHAMOUN

He taught cinema at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Lebanese University from 1976 to 1983 and works for television, radio and theater. He founded MTC and Nour Productions with director Mai Masri. L’Ombre de la Ville is his first and last narrative film.