Les petites guerres

Les petites guerres

Maroun BAGHDADI - Lebanon


Lebanon, 1975. Talal, son of a large feudal family, leaves Soraya, his fiancée, and rejoins his mother; his father was kidnapped, perhaps killed, and Talal must now assume his role as clan leader. By obligation and duty, he will then lead his men in a merciless war that he does not believe in ...

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 108 min
Year of production : 1982
Country : Lebanon
Casting : Soraya Khoury - Roger Hawa Nabil Ismail - Rida Khoury – Rifaat
Screenwriter : Maroun Baghdadi
Cinematography : Edward Lachman - Heinz Holcher
Editor : Joële Van Effenterre
Director : Maroun BAGHDADI
Production company : Lyric international


He is the pioneer of the new cinema wave in Lebanon. In 1982, he directed Little Wars after a series of documentaries. He then directed the film The Veiled Man and received the Jury Prize at Cannes for his film Out of Life. He died in 1993.