When Maryam spoke out

When Maryam spoke out

Assad FOULADKAR - Lebanon


Ziad and Maryam, a couple from the Lebanese petty bourgeoisie, lead a happy life. Married for three years, they still have no children. When they discover that Maryam is sterile, Ziad reassures her of her love. But the insidious pressure of her in-laws weighs on the young woman...

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 98 min
Year of production : 2001
Country : Lebanon
Casting : Bernadette Hodeib Talal Al-Jordi - Renée Dik –Umaya Lahoud - Joseph Abu-Dames
Screenwriter : Assad Fouladkar
Cinematography : Joseph Chmali
Editor : Assad Fouladkar
Director : Assad FOULADKAR
Production company : Assad Fouladkar The Lebanese American University


Assad studied in Lebanon, and majored in film direction in Boston University, where he also made several documentaries. He works as a film critic and university teacher. Maryam Spoke Out is his first feature film, awarded in several festivals.