Green white green

Green white green

Abba T. MAKAMA - Nigeria


Uzoma, Segun and Baba have just finished high school and are enjoying a moment of freedom before starting university. Captivated by a radical professor who is writing a book about the history of Nigeria, they decide to make a film and, in the process, embark on a rollercoaster ride of identity-discovering.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 102 min
Year of production : 2016
Country : Nigeria
Casting : Ifeanyi DikeJr. - Jammal Ibrahim Samuel Abiola Robinson- CrystabelGoddy - OmoyeUzamere
Screenwriter : Abba T. Makama - Africa Ukoh
Cinematography : Segun Oladimegi
Editor : Abba T. Makama
Director : Abba T. MAKAMA
Production company : Osiris Film & Entertainment


Nigerian director, screenwriter and producer. His feature film Green White Green was selected in Toronto Film Festival 2016, Berlin Critics Week 2017 and won best Nigerian film in AFRIFF 2016.