Hello, rain

Hello, rain

C. J. OBASI - Nigeria


Through an alchemical combination of juju and technology, a scientist- witch creates wigs which grant her and her friends supernatural powers. But when their powers grow uncontrollable, she must stop them by any means.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 30 min
Year of production : 2018
Country : Nigeria
Casting : Keira Hewatch - Tunde Aladese Ogee Nelson
Screenwriter : C. J. Obasi–Nnedi Okorafor
Cinematography : Idhebor Kagho
Editor : C. J. Obasi
Director : C. J. OBASI
Production company : Fiery Film Campany


Director, screenwriter and editor. His debut film Ojuju premiered at the AFRIFF in 2014, and won the award of the Best Nigerian Film. His short film Hello, Rain won the Special Jury Mention in Fantasia Film Festival 2018.