The delivery boy

The delivery boy

Adekunle ADEJUYIGBE - Nigeria


A runaway, teenage, suicide bomber and his newfound ally, a young prostitute, must rely on each other to survive the night while searching for answers to the terrible secrets that made them who they are.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 65 min
Year of production : 2018
Country : Nigeria
Casting : Ibrahim Jammal – Jemima Osunde Charles Etubiebi Jude Chukwuka - Chris Iheuwa Kehinde Fasuyi
Screenwriter : Adekunle Adejuyigbe
Cinematography : Adekunle Adejuyigbe
Editor : Adekunle Adejuyigbe
Director : Adekunle ADEJUYIGBE
Production company : Something Unusual Studios


: Nigerian director, cinematographer, screenwriter, film editor and producer. Facade was the first film he wrote, directed and photographed. His editing and cinematography abilities has won him best editor for IN Short International Film Festival in 2013. He is considered one of the most outstanding directors and one of the most sought-after cinematographers of the New Nigerian Cinema.