De la guerre

De la guerre

Fadhel JAZIRI - Tunisia


It is a transposition of the saga of Abi Yazid bin Khouayled al Kidadi known as "Bouzid Saheb Lehmar" adapted to today's conflicts. This is the journey of a preacher who claimed to fight against injustice and who turns into a bloodthirsty tyrant.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 115 min
Year of production : 2018
Country : Tunisia
Casting : Taher Issa Belarbi – Sarra Hannachi – Ali Jaziri – Emna Jaziri – Sami Nasri – Haythem Hadhiri – Yahia Jaziri – Moez Ben Taleb - Khaoula Chemakh – Mohamed Kouka – Khaled Baalouch – Fairouz Bouali
Screenwriter : Fadhel JAZIRI
Cinematography : Amine Messaidi
Editor : Fakhereddine Amri
Director : Fadhel JAZIRI
Production company : Nouveau Film


Fadhel Jaziri is an actor, theatrical practitioner and director. In 1972, he participated in the foundation of the South Theater of Gafsa and the creation of several shows. Co-founder of the New Theater. In 2008, he directed the feature film Thalathoun and in 2016 Khoussouf.