A haunted past

A haunted past

Fatma RIAHI - Tunisia


A personal portrait of a Tunisian-Bosnian family. Taoufik, convicted of terrorism, is left to his fate: he deals alone with his three daughters, still in their teenage years.

Film details

Gender : Documentary
Duration : 90 min
Year of production : 2019
Country : Tunisia
Screenwriter : Fatma Riahi
Cinematography : Hatem Nachi
Editor : Najwa Khechemi
Director : Fatma RIAHI
Production company : Production AlJazeera Network


Her first short film was entitled Mashghoul. She worked as a freelance director of short documentaries. Fatma was also the director of a 42-minute long film (2011) on the Tunisian Revolution entitled: Tunisia … The Revolution Goes On, produced by Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel.