A home of one's own

A home of one's own

Ruba ATIYEH - Lebanon


Ruba grew up in an exiled family and internalized her mother’s memories and difficulties. She seeks to deconstruct her memories in order to recreate a new narrative that allows her to face her sense of permanent alienation. But a question remains: is life as attractive when you are no longer a stranger?

Film details

Gender : Documentary
Duration : 78 min
Year of production : 2019
Country : Lebanon
Screenwriter : Ruba Atiyeh
Cinematography : Ali Chiran - Farah Qassem
Editor : Sandra Fatte
Director : Ruba ATIYEH
Production company : Production Ceefilm Beirut


Coming from theatre Ruba worked on themes of displacement and estrangement for which she was awarded. Ruba has a Documentary MA from Goldsmiths College London. She made many docs for Aljazeera Documentary and others.