Fathallah tv, 10 years and a revolution later

Fathallah tv, 10 years and a revolution later

Wided ZOGHLAMI - Tunisia


Five destinies of young people, a district, a decade, embark us on a journey made of going and return between two eras: 2007-2017, from dictatorship to democracy. In all sincerity, these young people share their dreams, make us discover their neighborhood and give us a keen eye on their country.

Film details

Gender : Documentary
Duration : 80 min
Year of production : 2019
Country : Tunisia
Screenwriter : Wided Zoghlami
Cinematography : Hatem Nachi
Editor : Wided Zoghlami – Karim Hammouda – Rawchen Mizouri
Director : Wided ZOGHLAMI
Production company : Ulysson Productions


Wided Zoghlami studied at the EDAC, then at the EICAR Paris where she directed a short film, presented in several festivals. In 2016, she became interested in directing and joined the school of the National Theatre of Tunis, under the direction of Fadhel Jaïbi.