Haifa street

Haifa street

Mohanad HAYAL - Iraq


2006, Baghdad is ravaged by sectarian violence. Haifa Street is the epicentre of the conflict. Ahmed gets dropped off there by a taxi on his way to his beloved Suad’s home to ask for her hand for marriage, he gets shot by Salam, a sniper who’s living his own personal hell on a rooftop above.

Film details

Gender : Fiction
Duration : 79 min
Year of production : 2019
Country : Iraq
Casting : Ali Thamer - Yumna Marwan - Iman Abdulhasan - Rudhab Ahmed - Asad Abdulmajed - Ali Al-Karkhi
Screenwriter : Mohanad HAYAL
Cinematography : Salam Salman
Editor : Ali Raheem
Director : Mohanad HAYAL
Production company : Sumerian Dream Productions

Mohanad HAYAL

MOHANAD has made number of short and documentary films. His short “Happy Birthday” was selected at the 2013 Berlinale. He works in Baghdad, conducting filmmaking workshops as one of the founders of the Iraqi Independent Film Centre.