The 25th edition of Carthage Film Festival will take place from 29 November to 6 December 2014

Around the festival : FPCA / FEPACI , FOLLOW UP MEETING

AFRICA Hotel / December 4th 2014 at 4 pm

Farid Boughdir FPCA, Panafrican Film and Audiovisual Fund, a long awaited project, recommended by the African Union, was launched in 2010 by the FEPACI (Panafrican Federation of Filmakers) and the OIF (International Organisation of French speaking Countries).

The objective of the fund is to support the development of national structures able to insure the production viability of high quality artistic and cultural African Films in all African countries. Following important meetings supported by Tunisia and the OIF during the 2010 and 2012 Carthage Film sessions, FPCA was legally founded in 2013 by historical militants of Panafrican cinema. The Tunisian critic, African cinema historian and Film Director Ferid Boughedir was elected President of FPCA' s executive committee.

The 2014 Carthage Film Festival meeting will allow FPCA and its «mother organisation», the FEPACI to define together the steps to take in order for the fund to reach its operational and executive stage.

Farid Boughdir

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