The 25th edition of Carthage Film Festival will take place from 29 November to 6 December 2014

Around the festival : Mediterranean Audiovisual Forum

Organised by the Euromed Audiovisual Programme of the European Union

December 2 from 9:30 am to 9 pm and December 3 from 9:30 am to 1pm


Euromed Audiovisuel The Forum will mark the conclusion of the Programme's activities after four years of work in several priority areas: training of professionals, notably in the field of production and international coproduction, distribution and exploitation, encouragement to the creation of a regional audiovisual fund, fight against piracy, collecting of data and structuring the audiovisual sector.

The will be focussing on two main intervention axes:

• Presentation of the results and impact of the Euromed Audiovisual III Programme;

• Three groups will work on three priority themes: distribution and circulation of audiovisual works; co-production and financing; data collection.

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