A mafia family stole the lion from the Gaza zoo and the Hamas decides to sort out their case! Trapped in the armed conflict, thirteen women are stuck in Christine’s small hair dresser. This relaxing venue becoming over excited in one after noon will face the confrontation of amazing personalities.

Technical details

1ère africaine
Duration: 83 minutes
Nationality: Palestine
Production year: 2015
Director: Tarzon et Arab Nasser
Screenplay: Tarzon et Arab Nasser
Director of Photography: Éric Devin
Editor: Sophie Reine, Eyas Salman
Sound:Baha'a Otman
Cast : Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abdelhadi, Manal Awad

Dégradé (2015)

Aspiring filmmakers and twin brothers, Tarzan and Arab are from Gaza.They were born in1988. They worked together for four years in the vanguard film industry of Gaza.