« Today expressing ourselves through images is democratized. Everyone, or almost, can achieve a 'film' without financial or technical constraint. A new cinema from the revolution engendered by the appearance of digital in the audiovisual economy is upon us and within our reach... »
Il n'y a pas un seul téléphone portable sans l'option caméra.
The idea is simple: organize during the Carthage Film Festival, as it was the case in other sessions, one or more workshops of rapid formation in images for amateurs children and bring them to the end of the course to make their own film with the equipment they have.
Nowadays there is not a single mobile phone without camera, and digital camera also are able to make videos.
Everyone is filming a birthday, a marriage or a road accident. In schools it is increasingly asked students to prepare videos on various topics. Our children are required to learn to shoot from an early age.
The workshop can begin the day after the opening of the festival and end the day before the closing, on the avenue or elsewhere.
A set will be built on the occasion and professional actors (known faces) will play the game of young filmmakers.

Details 1000 and 1 Movies

The « Mille ET un Film » workshops start at 22 November.
Entries are free and they take place on the JCC website or at Africa hotel.
The 20 participants aged 10 to 13 years old will be divided in two workshops.
Each group will have two days of training, two days of practice and two days to prepare the collective film.
The day before the Closing, the candidates will be gathered on Habib Bourguiba Avenue to direct the collective film in a scene prepared for the occasion, with celebrities participating in the game.
A team will follow the workshops in parallel to produce a making off.
Time: from 10am to 12am every day
Place: Africa Hotel

Conception and direction of workshops: Moncef DHOUIB

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