This is the story in black and white of Emily, Jabz, September, Nikki, Tanya, Matty, Tali and Rashi. Black and whites South Africans, male and female, gay and straight. Youth in the luxurious suburb of Johannesburg who are smashed all day long failing to have future plans.

Technical details

1ère arabe & 1ère oeuvre
Duration: 86 minutes
Nationality: South Africa
Production year: 2015
Director: Sibs Shongwe
Screenplay: Sibs Shongwe
Director of Photography: Chuanne Blofield
Editor: Matthew Swanepoel
Sound:Justin Shepperson
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Cast : Sibs Shongwe

Necktie youth (2015)

Sibs Shongwe-La Mer is a multi-media artist most active as a film writer, director & actor. He received support for a feature film version of short films Territorial Pissings & The Kids Need More Hugs and debuted his first feature film Necktie Youth at Berlinale in 2015.