While the Egyptian people rise in Tahrir Square, the villagers of the southern campaigns follow the revolution on their television screens. From the overthrow of Mubarak to the election and the fall of Morsi, the film follows these changes from the point of view of Farraj, a farmer of the Valley of Luxor.

Technical details

Duration: 111 minutes
Nationality: Belgium Wallonie-Bruxelles
Production year: 2014
Director: Anna Roussillon
Screenplay: Anna Roussillon
Director of Photography: Anna Roussillon
Editor: Saskia Berthod, Chantal Piquet
Sound:Terence Meunier, Jean-Charles Bastion
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I am the people (2014)

Born in 1980 in Beyrouth, Anna Roussillon grew up in Cairo, then moved to Paris. She studied philosophy, linguistics, language, literature and Arab civilization and documentary filmmaking in Lussas (France). I AM THE PEOPLE (2014) is her first feature documentary.