The work of Omran, former domestic worker, is to place in Tunis young girls of his village as maids. He perceives their wages redistributes it to their families and vouches for the virginity of the girls. Rebeh, the most rebellious of his recruits, runs away. Omrane starts looking for her to put her back on track.

Technical details

Duration: 95 minutes
Nationality: Tunisia
Production year: 2002
Director: Nouri Bouzid
Screenplay: Nouri Bouzid
Director of Photography: Tarek Ben Abdallah
Editor: Caroline Emery, Anita Fernandez, Ingrid Ralet et Benoît Bruwier
Sound:Faouzi Thabet
Cast : Lotfi Abdelli, Oumayma Ben Hafsia, Ahmed Hafiane, Hend Sabri