During the Algerian war, the road to Beni Boussaid on the Morocco-Algeria border is obstructed by the Morice line, a 430-mile long belt that is electrified and heavily mined. Moussa, a Moroccan friend of the revolution, helps refugees across the mountains. However, he must go through Beni Boussaid when he finds out that the path he usually takes is no longer safe. Hans, a Communist militant of the GDR, loses a leg on the way, while trying to remove a mine from a passageway. Normally, the wounded and sick are put to rest, but Hans is not a Muslim and cannot be a martyr.

Technical details

Duration: 94 minutes
Nationality: Maroco
Production year: 2013
Director: Kamal Kamal
Screenplay: Kamal Kamal
Director of Photography: Rodolphe Soucaret
Editor: Catherine Schwartz
Sound:Kamal Kamal
Cast : Amal ayouch, Mohamed Bastaoui, Ahmed Benaissa