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Jessica Khoury (Lebanon)

Jessica Khoury

Jessica Khoury is an established Beirut-based distributor specializing in independent world cinema. She is the acquisition and sales executive of Abu-Dhabi based distribution company, Film Clinic Indie Distribution, the sister company of Egyptian production house, Film Clinic. Prior to her work in FCID, she worked for Pacha Pictures in Paris then came back to Beirut and worked for MC Distribution, for three years. Parallel to the distribution, Khoury worked for 3 years with Abbout Productions as production supervisor. Khoury is an EAVE producers workshop alumnus.

Habibi Attia (Tunisia)

Habibi Attia

Cinema and TV producer, Habib ATTIA, is currently managing director of CINETELEFILMS, one of the leading production companies in Tunisia and the region, founded in 1983. His ventures as main producer are worldwide distributed, acclaimed and awarded in the most prestigious festivals like Cannes, Venice, San Sebastian, Toronto…Two times Oscars nominee with “The man who sold his skin” in 2021 and Brotherhood in 2020, Habib ATTIA received in 2021, as a recognition to his career, the prestigious rank of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic. The films are mainly focused around contemporary socio-cultural issues.

Dorothee Wenner (Germany)

Dorothee Wenner

Cinéaste, commissaire de films et écrivaine indépendante basée à Berlin. Elle est commissaire externe au Humboldt Forum for film/cinema. Depuis 1990, elle est associée au Festival international du film de Berlin, actuellement en tant que déléguée pour la région Afrique subsaharienne et membre du jury du World Cinema Fund pour les projets africains. Depuis sa création en 2005, Dorothee Wenner fait partie du jury des African Movie Academy Awards basés à Lagos. Son dernier travail en tant que cinéaste était la web-série Kinshasa Collection.

Boukary Sawadogo (Burkina Faso)

Boukary Sawadogo

Dr Boukary Sawadogo is Associate Professor of Cinema Studies at the City University of New York and the author of three books and several articles on African cinemas. His research and teaching interests center on African cinema and African American cinema. As a specialist in African cinema, he has served as jury member in several film festivals in the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa. Also, he is the director of a documentary film and a web-series. Dr Sawadogo is the founding director of the Harlem African Animation Festival in New York City.

Christophe Rolin (Belgium)

Christophe Rolin

Director and Cinematographer, Christophe Rolin makes his films outside of traditional production circuits. He enjoys filming in natural light, favors natural settings and discovering new talents, His favorite themes are the quest for identity and migration, which is also the subject of his next feature film "Le voyage de Talia", between Belgium and Senegal. He co-directed the short film Dem-Dem! who won the Silver Tanit at the 2017 Carthage Film Festival. In 2012, he founded the production company "Bande de Ciné" with Marc Recchia and Giuseppe Di Francisca.