Panel 2 : The influence of the Festival

After several decades, the JCC are meant to objectively evaluate the degree of its audience and the possibilities of consolidating it. Starting from this perspective, such a Festival would have as much duty and legitimacy to contribute to the promotion of Arab and African film out of the festival's circumscribed period.

In this sense, this panel is meant to imagine and propose strategies to ensure that the Arab-African films circulate frequently and cyclically in the different regions of Tunisia, as in several parts of the world. Such a formula would have the advantage of widening the Festival's audience, through a selection of recent films or reviving certain films that had already marked the memory of the festival.

Such an opportunity requires the elaboration of a critical documentation or pedagogical files, thus an editorial activity (printed or digital), which is essential to guide the audience and highlight the interest of the scheduled works.

Panel 2: The influence of the Festival