Panel 3 : Archives, heritage promotion and critical reception

The objective of this panel is to define the outlines of a methodology for the analysis and collection of the Festival's archives (official documents, catalogues, written production [critical works, press articles, periodicals], audiovisual elements, iconographic albums, posters, institutional or private documentaries, etc.). )

It is therefore a vast field of a long-term investigation, very indispensable as the material we expect to collect represents an important component of the Tunisian cultural heritage through which the history of the Tunisian cinema and Arab-African cinema, the cultural history of Tunisia, as well as the evolution of the political, social and ideological environment of our country can be seen.

This panel is meant to conceive an approach that consists in collecting, managing, analyzing and even digitizing these documents, with the aim of establishing a program to publish the critical studies, the monographs of filmmakers, producers or actors, or to organize travelling exhibitions in Tunisia and abroad.

Such a project would necessarily involve other related institutions such as the CNCI, the Cinemathèque, the National Library, the Cultural Documentation Center, the photo library of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs or that of the TAP, etc.

Panel 3: Archives, heritage promotion and critical reception